How to create your own Rust Server

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System requirements

  • 4 GB RAM Minimum for the server
  • i7 7700K
  • 25GB Space

Server Setup

The aim of this guide is to host a server you and a small group of friends 20 people maximum. If you want to host a large server with 50 people or more, then you would need to look into a dedicated solution. This is mainly due to the fact of the upload speed that most home broadband connections have aren’t good enough for large scale servers.

Download and Run Docker container

A docker container can thought of as a very light weight VM that you execute application inside. But we are using it because there is already server that is pre-built for us.

DockerHub Link:

Reference Docker Flags:

Open your Terminal or Ubuntu Terminal App (Windows), copy and paste the following:

docker run --name rust-server --restart -d --memory="4g" \
-p 28015:28015 -p 28015:28015/udp -p 28016:28016 -p 8080:8080 \
-v <WHERE_YOU_WANT_SAVE_YOUR_SERVER>:/steamcmd/rust \

Okay, this looks like it’s doing a lot but we can break it down. You can just use this command to get a server up and running.

  • memory=”4g” Limits the container to only use 4G of RAM if you have performance issue increase this.
  • -P allows a port to talk from the container to your window host machine. The defaults will just fine, if you need to change them do the following:
<PORT>:28015 <PORT>:28016 <PORT>:8080
  • -v stands volume you need to change <WHERE_YOU_WANT_SAVE_SERVER> to the place where you want to keep your server on your machine. For example on a folder on your desktop.
  • Change the password for rcon<CHANGE ME>
  • Change the server name <SERVER_NAME>
  • You can see more options here ->

Connect to the server from the Rust Game

  • Start the Rust game from stream
  • Wait until you can see the main menu
  • Press F1 then copy and paste client.connect <HOST_IP>:28015 into the terminal that has opened and hit enter
  • First time you connect it might take a few minutes

Useful docker commands

Start Rust Server

If you already have the container there i.e you have already used docker run command.

docker start rust-server

Stop Rust Server

docker stop rust-server

Remove Rust Server

This is need if you want to change anything in the create command, you will need to remove and create the server again. Keep -v <WHERE_YOU_WANT_SAVE_YOUR_SERVER> the same if you want to use the same server that you had before.

docker rm -f rust-server

Look at the Rust Server logs

docker logs rust-server

Check how much CPU and RAM the server is using

docker stats rust-server

Useful Server Commands

Issuing commands to rust server

docker exec rust-server rcon <command>

Example Command

docker exec rust-server rcon fps

Set someone as teleport TP user 1 to user 2

docker exec rust-server rcon teleport "<rust_name_1>" "<rust_name_2>"

Save Server

docker exec rust-server rcon ""

Set Time

docker exec rust-server rcon "env.time 12"

Turn off decay for buildings

docker exec rust-server rcon "decay.upkeep false"

Install Rust IO Map



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